Top 7 Reasons To Become A Pharmacist

1) flexible working
To tell the truth, there are not many other jobs, which offers attractive working conditions, schedules. As a pharmacist, you will control the planning of your work. You can choose from a variety of working hours. For most of the pharmacist with a family, they tend to opt for the regular 9AM to 5PM jobs in food chains and retail stores. For others, can a 7 on and 7 more behind schedule suits them. This works by the pharmacist is usually 7 days just for a12-hour shift. After 7 days of work, replaced by the pharmacist, either resting for the next 7 days or if he or she can choose to work more hours working for other companies. This type of planning is to control, pharmacists who earn more in interest income are.

2) Salary Great Working

Depending on the circumstances and needs of pharmacists in the region, as a rule they can anywhere from $ 75,000 to $ 150,000 per year. That's a lot of money, given the fact that you do not need to go,through all of the training to become a pharmacist compared to a medical doctor’s journey.

3) You will always have a job
As of this writing, the demand for pharmacist is much more than the supply. There is a current pharmacist shortage in most areas of the U.S. So therefore, pharmacists are currently enjoying a period of mobility, stability and flexibility as they practice their profession.

4) You will have great benefits
In order to attract new graduating pharmacist, Most companies offer lucrative and attractive retirement and health benefits. These include attractive packages 401k plan, medical insurance and even paid vacation to places like Hawaii and Alaska.

5) You can still involve, to help health and the people

Many students are interested in health care, but the feeling that they are either limited to a doctor or a nurse. Well, as a pharmacist, you are still in the life of a patient are involved. Pharmacists are not just people with a bright white lab coat-jacket, who was just "count, pour, lick and stick" all day. Rather than this, the pharmacist as an intermediary between the doctor and patient. They advise patients on their medications, contact doctors if drugs or drug-food interactions, contact your insurance to ensure proper billing and to do many things to save people's lives all day long. Of course, these measures are usually unnoticed by the stereotypical views of the common people of most Pharmacist.

6) You do not have to deal with body fluids

Pharmacist is aware that in a nice clean environment to work. As a rule, do not deal with blood or other body fluids nasty coming out of the system of the patient.

7) Enjoy the dynamics of this profession

Pharmacists can work everywhere from the corner drugstore to the research in collaboration with doctors and nurses at the hospital. There are many career opportunities for pharmacists to pursue. These include(but not limited to) career in community pharmacy, clinical pharmacy, research, managed care, drug utilization review, academic professor, pharmaceutical representatives, and even CEO of a major Fortune 500 companies.

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